Without you, we can't do anything. 

The disabled need ...

- Your help
- Your friendship

Are you willing ...

=> to give up some of your holiday time ?

=> to discover the lives of handicapped people ? => to enable them to have a holiday too ?

=> to share your holiday with them ?

Thank You !

More information!

No special skill required
No heavy difficulty (alcool, psycological antecedent) 

Dates and duration
Choose your own dates.
Length stay between 1 and 4 weeks.

A rather good knowledge of French language is needed.
In return of your help, The Puy Batard can help you in learn French and experience the way of life here in La Creuse region of France.

Sorry, we don't help for your visa, if you need one. The French administration would ask us to pay a tax and take in charge your insurance, even if your visa isn't accepted, which is extremely often.

How to come ?
An application form is sent on request.