Our stays

The holidays organized by Puy-Batard : our main activity.

For several months of the year, young people and adults come together, from all France as well as other countries, in friendly groups of about 20 people.

They are :

=> either physically handicapped people, (occasionally, slightly mentally handicapped), for whom the house was originally built,

=> or able-bodied people, who come to help the handicapped and share their friendship with them. Usually, the handicapped have as much to offer in friendship as the able-bodied.

Le Puy-Batard : a place where you may share

Sharing every day tasks
=> helping the disabled to do what they cannot do themselves :washing, dressing, eating meals ...

=> helping with the cooking : usually the kitchen is a forbidden place for the handicapped. There, they are given the chance to take part, should they want to.

Sharing leisure
The group itself chooses what they want to do : going for walks, outings, picnics, visiting places of interest.

Le Puy-Batard : we listen to each other
There is often little time for real conversation in everyday life. At Le Puy-Batard, the relationships are developed between the able-bodied and the disabled. There is much time to talk and get to know each other.